Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still alive -- and sugar and dairy free!

Things are going pretty well with the 40-day challenge. All 6 days of it.

I haven't given in to temptation, but its been tough. And I did have to make a few concessions for the first week, mostly justified by economics. I am still using salad dressing that contains sugar -- because it's already there in my fridge, and we're in a recession you know. Though it is all natural salad dressing, and sugar is waaay down on the ingredient after mustard seed. So there can't be too much in there, and I'll buy a sugar free dressing or make my own once its gone.

I also had to abandon the calorie limitations for the first week and just give my body a little time to adjust. Completely cutting out sugar and dairy while simultaneously dropping my calorie intake down to a weight loss range was a little much. So I just told myself that as long as I was eating healthy stuff, I was going to eat if I was hungry -- within reason.

I seem to be over the first few "detox" effects (those were fun) of a major diet change. I'm feeling good, and am remarkably motivated to stick to the plan. Which, quite honestly, shocks me. The "motivated" part more than the "feeling good" part.

My biggest complaint....this sugar-free, dairy-free stuff requires A LOT of produce. Which requires A LOT of grocery shopping. And I pretty much despise all tedious tasks like gas getting, grocery shopping, even brushing my teeth (I still do it -- but it totally annoys me). So that's been an adjustment.

It also seems that I am going to have to become a little more familiar with the kitchen area of my living space. Which will probably be the biggest adjustment, and also possibly be somewhat dangerous.

But all in all its going really well. And I'm excited to see what effects come out of the changes.

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