Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reasons why Saturday's run did not suck

1. Not a lot of actual running involved. Far more chatting.

2. Perfect weather. Perfect. Like, favorite running outfit perfect.

3. Highest mileage of the season -- 6 miles!

4. Too early in the season for bugs.

5. Too early in the season for expectations about speed (not that I have those late in the season either, but this way I have an excuse).

6. Getting to catch up with a friend without spending too much money on wine or eating anything horrifically bad for me.


Jim said...

Nice post. Reminds me of the "Glad" game from the movie Pollyanna, where you always try to find something to be glad about. Also, enjoyed the triathlon quote at the bottom of your blog. Thank you. :)

ssjd411 said...

what is your favorite running outfit?

perpetual adventure said...

I don't necessarily have a "favorite" running outfit, but I love it when the weather is just at that point where you don't have to wear shorts yet and you might need a light jacket. Hate shorts, love little zip up jackets. Saturdays run was just right for running tights that hit just below the knee, a long sleeve dri-fit top, and a running hat. Perfect!

ssjd411 said...

I wouldn't wear shorts if it was 1000 degrees! The capris are as short as I go!!=)I do love the jackets though...especially the ones with little holders for your mp3 player! I got addicted to running hats this winter and now I don't want to run without them!