Thursday, July 28, 2011

I mean, what's a sister for if not enabling?

I was kinda crabby today. OK, I was really crabby today. I'm busy. And tired. And its mostly good-busy, or at least self-induced busy so I really shouldn't complain. And I don't. Much. But that doesn't mean I'm not a little crabby.

So how does one remedy crabby?

Crepes. Duh.  A raspberry and Nutella crepe, to be exact. For lunch. Ya, that's right. My lunch came with whipped cream. And I was really, really OK with that fact. I was just digging in, to both the crepe and a little freelance work, when I noticed the pleasant woman next to me. She has just just received her crepe. Hers was of the smoked trout variety.

No whipped cream in sight.

I type furiously:

To: sister
From: crabby fatty
Re: of course
I sit down to eat my raspberry Nutella crepe (comes with whipped cream for cryin' out loud) for lunch and the girl next to me gets smoked trout savory crepe. It even has spinach and s@#$. I am trying to be impenetrable to the unintentional guilt vibe she is putting off.

Response follows immediately...

To: Me
From: Awesome sister
Raspberries and chocolate are chock-full of antioxidants! Hazelnuts have protein! Calcium! Who wants a savory crepe anyway? It's like, against the laws of nature.

And THAT is why I keep her around (and excuse her occasional excessive use of exclamation points -- I mean, clearly they were necessary here).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Absolutely nothing to do with triathlon, which is absolutely nothing new


Well, its kinda sorta related. There are bikes.

At the risk of totally poaching some one's Tumblr feed I should say I first saw this HERE. It's actually where I've found a few of the music bits I've posted recently. I've become somewhat obsessed with her blog...err Tumblr...or, whatever...I don't quite understand Tumblr to be honest. I mean, why is it missing a vowel? I don't get it. And when I click on things I think will be source links they take me to lists of other people who like the is it a blog? Is it Pinterest? Is it their love-child? Ah, well. These are things to ponder on cold, mid western winter nights after I have tired of euchre and Aquavit. Certainly not in the middle of a perfectly lovely summer. My brain cells are much better used plotting birthday adventures and more epic road know, the logistics of squeezing the most life possible out of these sweet months between the annual ice ages.

So far I'm doing pretty well. Life is good. It would be better if I would ride my bike now and then. But, you know, things can't always be perfection. So I'll just have to settle for really, really awesome.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Back and Forth But Moving Forward

The last six weeks: An unknown street in Florence. A hot spring in the San Juans. An auditorium full of inspiration in an mountain town. A courtyard full of sunshine. A deck with a view and good friends. Airports. Happy hours. Happy evenings. Friends who'll dance when no one else is. Starry skies and silhouetted moonlit peaks. Campfires. I-80. Endearing texts. Epic drives.

The places I glimpse my soul are limitless in geography and almost always in the transition. How lucky I am for the luxury to continue to chase it.