Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(get rid of the) Fat Tuesday

I am not religiously obligated to sacrifice during lent, but I've never been one to pass up a challenge. And so it is, that I find myself throwing down a few rules for the next 40 days....

No Refined Sugar
I've done this before and it really made a huge difference. Its kind of a pain because you'd be shocked at how sugar is in EVERYthing, but it forces you to make smarter decisions about what you eat with one simple rule.

No Dairy
They may kick me out of the state for this one, but there's a lot of info out there about dairy and how it affects the body. I'm doing this more as an experiment than anything. I just want to see if I notice a change in how I feel if I do this for a few weeks. 40 days seems like a great little test run.

The 100 Push-up Challenge
Because soon the snow will melt (yes, really it will) and it will be sleeveless-dress and teeny tank-top season again, which means people will be able to see my arms! And aesthetics aside, my wimpy upper body could use a little strength. Join me, won't you. Its a free program. And it looks downright easy. Just for reference, I did the initial challenge and I can do a whopping FIVE push-ups. I'm doing them classic style though...no girlie-girl push-ups. If I'm starting from the beginning I might as well do it right.

Three minutes of abs
....just for fun...and because I'm already on the ground doing push-ups. Might as well add on three minutes of abs. Three different ab exercises for one minute each, every time I do push-ups. Three minutes. You always have three extra minutes, right?!

And P.S. -- I'm already caffeine free now for 5 days. FIVE WHOLE DAYS. So I'm rollin' with it for the next 40.

Its like extreme makeover, triathlon-style! :)


twiceknit said...

Wow. Impressive! I'll be really interested to see if you notice a difference with cutting out sugar and dairy. I've been trying to cut out sugar for a while, but I haven't given dairy a try. Keep us posted!

Laura said...

I'll join in for 100 pushups. You are ahead of me in how many you can do. Sad I know!

Amy said...

I'm in for the pushups too! That's a cool idea.

ssjd411 said...

I checked out the pushups....who doesn't want awesome arms??? I'm in!