Friday, February 13, 2009

Be mine?

If we are going to talk about hearts, and roses and other such nonsense related to this hallmark holiday....
I heart this bike.
I don't really need a new bike. (I need to work on the engine for the bike I already have.) But I've got that new bike itch. And this just looks like it should be my bike. I can already envision the new blue tri-tops....and maybe a new helmet.....CUTE! Ahem....I mean "cute" in the speediest, toughest triathlon kind-of way. You know...not in the "i'm going to be out there for-ever and everyone is going to see me so I better look darn put together" kind-of way. Of course.
I sure wish my bank account looked like it had a "cute" $1,800 that it just needed to spend.

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