Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chivalry dies without oxygen, apparently

(note: this one's been sitting for a was actually written a few weeks ago.)

I have dirty fingernails.  Dirty. Fingernails.

I am not the girl-iest of girlie-girls but, "ew."  I don't actually know how to get bike grease out from under my fingernails.  But sometimes a girls just gotta get it done, and if that means a little grease under the fingernails, well so be it.

And that is where this story should end.  Girl has dirty bike.  Girl lives very far from bike shops currently servicing bikes.  Girl takes matters into her own hands, gets a little dirty, but gets to feel all accomplished and independent and whatnot.

But no.  That's not exactly how it went.  You see, there was this boy.....this boy who offered up some garage space and assistance (or so I thought) in this bike cleaning fiasco that I found myself in.  So girl, loads up bike and drives to boy's house.  Boy makes space in garage.  Boy then sits on dirt bike and watches girl clean bike.

I'm pretty sure this is not the stuff that chick-flicks are made of.  Reese Witherspoon will not be playing the part of The Slowest Triathlete in a romantic comedy anytime soon.  I mean, what?  Is that they way things are done around these western states?  Girls fend for themselves?  Was I supposed to bring my own beer too?

Apparently.  Which seems odd to me considering that men outnumber the women in this town something like SEVEN to ONE.  You'd think they'd be all about helping out....even if it is under the ill-conceived premise of return favors.

I made some comment about chivalry and the response was "chivalry is not entirely dead, but it is your dirty bike."

Accurate statement?  Yes, but that attitude will certainly send a girl back to the well stocked pond when fishing for a mate.

In any case, point taken.  Suck it up mountain girl.  Its time you learn to fend for yourself.


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

hmm...a little scrub brush and some dishwasher detergent will get the grease out. With regard to garage guy...Do you mean he WATCHED you work on your bike? No interaction whatsoever save one smartass comment? I mean, I can understand that guys may be hesitant to help very independent and confidnent women, initially, but come on. There are plenty of garages out are right.

perpetual adventure said...

Garage guy did keep me company, although I think his initial plan was to go back inside and watch TV. Perhaps the lack of women in these parts has these mountain boys out of practice with the ladies? Who knows. But now I have a clean bike, on a trainer, in my living room. And really, that is all that matters.

Caratunk Girl said...

I laughed out loud at this because, well, I am pretty sure this is what 99% the guys around here would do too. But like you said, at least you have a clean bike on a trainer now. Cheers!