Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Friday

I realize that the calendar says Tuesday....but its Friday to me.  I celebrated accordingly.

I also wore a dress.  Never mind that it was -9 on my way to work this morning and we've had 33" of snow over the past few days.  I needed to wear a dress.

I should say that a dress at my place of employment, while not inappropriate, is grossly out of place.  But sometimes a girl just needs to remind herself that she's a girl, ya know?  Insulated boots and down parkas, while a requirement, get a little old.  I did still rock some fur lined boots and lycra tights with the dress.  But dammit, I had a dress on.

And I have to say, its amazing how little decisions can have an impact on your whole day.  That dress changed my whole disposition today in the best possible way.  

Happy Friday, indeed.


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Very interesting. I should try this. Where is that place with the beautiful old green velvet seat backs?? Looks wonderful.

Do you ever shop in the Title 9 catalogue? Highly functional dresses...

perpetual adventure said...

I do shop the Title 9 catalog....but lately I'm more likely to buy from Athleta because I get free shipping. My dress is actually from a local store and is Ibex brand. Also highly functional, for a dress. ;)

And I wore these under it, with my Ulu boots.

It was definitely a "mountain girl" outfit -- loved it!