Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I've pretty much got this off-season thing dialed in.  Ski, socialize, ski, repeat....

But there is an unanswered question that's hanging around in the thin mountain air,....will there be an on-season?

I don't belong to a gym.  (I can barely afford groceries in this town, a gym is a luxury I consider completely unjustifiable.  There is, after all, a mountain in my backyard.)  I have a bike on a trainer in my living room that I have ridden all of once.  Once.  All the hassle of getting it out here and getting it cleaned up and on the trainer and I have been on it once.  There is a running trail that I have yet to utilize because I'm terrified of slipping on the ice.

I do ski, but admittedly a ski day seems to typically involve a stop at some sort of drinking establishment on the mountain, which pretty much puts skiing as much in the "sport" category as bowling.  Yes, its recreation, but you can't really call it a workout.  Can you?

So what will come of The Slowest Triathlete when the snow melts?  Will there be more triathlons?  Or will off-season simply continue in perpetuity but transition from quad-burning downhills to calf-crunching, wind-sucking mountain climbs?

Good question.  Very good question.  If you come up with an answer, please let me know.  Right now, its anyone's guess.

I can tell you one thing....I miss training.  Life can get a little off-center in this crazy little mountain town and I think that getting back to a regular routine of training might be just what I need.  Whether that training is triathlon....well, time will tell.

Did I mention that road bike is worth at least two months rent?


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

I think getting yourself back into a regular workout routine (whatever that may be) will bring balance back to the force. Do you have free/hand weights? You could design a cardio-weight routine. Hell, you don't even need weights to do this. Excel spreadsheet :)

You're going to kick some ass when the snow melts!

Mike Schoeffler said...

Face it - a stationary bike is only a hair more interesting than a stationary bike - because it uses the bike you love.

We're both stuck bored and bikeless until spring unless we get out there on the ice.

How about blowing $15 on ice treads? I've been having a pretty good time with them - http://www.roadbud.com/blog/workout-gear-yaktrax/