Saturday, February 6, 2010

Way too many Y chromosomes around here

Last night I witnessed a phenomenon I've not seen in quite some time.  Girls....a big group of them....out to dinner together.

I shed a little tear.

I did not realize until then how much I miss my girlfriends.  I miss Wednesday happy hours with my downtown work girls....I miss impromptu pot-luck nights with my runner girls.....the I've-known-you-forever comfort of girls nights/weekends with my high school girlfriends....and my workout-therapy girls (oh, how I could use some bike-therapy right now -- a solid 50-miler might not even be enough)....and don't even get me started about how much I miss my chips-and-salsa-solve-all-life's-problems girls.

I didn't realize how much I relied on these relationships until now.  The testosterone level in this town is exhausting.  I know that 7+ guys for every girl might seem like mountain town nirvana for a single adventure girl, but its not all its cracked up to be.

It would be so nice to have a group of girls to lean on right workout share wacky small mountain-town life stories with....and to generally over-analyze life with.  Girls that are here, in this town, living it with me.

But those relationships take time, and unique circumstances.  So while I'm waiting for the the perfect storm of friendship to develop, I thought I would take a minute to appreciate all those girls who've helped me along life's bumpy road to where I am now.

I miss all of you amazing, intelligent, and irreplaceable women I am lucky enough to call friends.  You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Miss you too, Gena! Girlfriends certainly are a gift. Love you!

one of your best non-friends,

Laura said...

Here Here Sister Here Here. Though I am not in the 7 to 1 ratio you are in I am suffering from the same dilemma! Hang in there.. the stars will align.. RIGHT! They MUST align or I will lose my mind! :D