Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upon which she makes a triumphant return to the workout world

One hour and fifteen minutes.  That's how long I pushed my toochie around the nordic trails today.  And it felt amazing.  I guess I haven't lost as much fitness as I thought.  Mentally it felt like years since I'd had a decent workout, so its a huge relief to have pulled out a solid hour plus sweat-fest.

Came home and did some abs and stretching and even busted out the Vita-mix just to top it all off right.  Spinach, frozen banana, pineapple juice and water.....delicious.

And just like that.....she's back.  :)

I think the tunes really helped today.  I haven't tried music on the nordic trail yet, but its so similar to running that it makes total sense.  Except for the fact that I hate running, that is.  But I love the skiing.  I could have stayed out even longer but my hip flexors were saying, "um, hi....WHATareyoudoing? we don't normally work this hard....would you mind if we stopped now?"  So I obliged.

I normally struggle with workout music, but I managed to put together this decent little tunes list for today (I had to listen to it twice):

Need You Now (Live At the 52nd Grammy Awards), Lady Antebellum
I just love this song.....and its a great warm-up pace.

Even If It Breaks Your Heart, Will Hoge
Great pace for nordic skiing, but the lyrics make me love this one....
"....Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart

Some dreams stay with you forever
Drag you around and lead you back to where you were
Some dreams keep on getting better
Got to keep believing if you want to know for sure....."

Fugitive, David Gray
Also a great pace for the nordic skiing, and lyrics that don't suck.  I love David Gray and this is one of his faster paced songs I can get away with playing during a workout.  It was the first song on almost all of my training mixes leading up to the New York marathon, too.  Its kinda crazy to think about all that last year entailed.  Great way to pass time out on the trail.
"....gotta live, if only for a second, I see it twinkling in your eye, gotta try...."

Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat), Taylor Swift
Admittedly, I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but this one just kinda hits a nerve with some of the stuff floating around in my head these days.

Gypsy Woman,  Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights
I have no idea where I found this song, but I love it for workouts.

Sweet Somewhere Bound, Jackie Greene
Ok, I can only get away with this one on a nordic ski mix.  Its slow.  But it makes me think about gliding more.  And of fun times with visitors when Jackie Greene played this crazy little mountain town a few weeks ago (come back anytime, g).  And the lyrics don't suck on this one either.
"....I can’t tell you, no I can’t tell you
Which train I’m riding, which plane I’m on
But I can tell you, yes I can tell you
I’m standing right where I belong...."

Watch The Sunrise, Big Star
I got some Big Star from my brother-in-law and seeing how I'm a sucker for a nice little guitar tune, I like this one.  It feels like sitting around a campfire with good friends, drinking beers, rehashing the day's adventures, and maybe trying to solve a few of the worlds problems.  Smiles.

Idaho (Live), The BoDeans
Oh, the BoDeans.  To me the BoDeans will always be favorite local bands and summer beer tents with great friends -- who I am missing very much right now.  Great cool down vibe to this one.

So ya, it was a bit of a mental workout as well today.  I guess I didn't realize how much I missed the routine of getting out on a trail, or a road, with just me and my thoughts.  Funny how the simplest things can make all the difference.

I don't know if my head's back on straight yet....I didn't come up with any answers to life's questions out there....I still don't have a clue where my life is headed come April....but I can tell you I feel a lot better about all of it.

Ahhhh.....sweet trail therapy.  Gotta love it!


Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yeah for getting out there! It sounds like you had a great time.

Thanks for the great list of songs...I'm definitely going to have to download some of those!

Laura said...

try not to think directly about where life will be in April. Put out there the happy vibes of what you want to FEEL like.... how you want your life to look. Ie. balance work and play, sweat every day, blah blah blah.. whatever it is for you... it will come! Relax your mind and enjoy your adventure... the future will come as it may!

Mandy said...

Hey thanks for the playlist! Way to get out there. I know, it is hard not to worry about what is "next". Sometimes if you focus on the here and now, the future works itself out.

Ginny said...

1) I need a full report on this "hot tub party" including the guest list (and why wasn't I on it???).
2) I appreciate your playlist, but we need to get you some booty-shakin tunes. Expect a CD in your "good box" soon.
3) How was PD weekend? Have you made it to the sauna yet?
4) Is that commericial rental space still available? I have some ideas but haven't put them to paper. I think we have some resources for start-up cash (and imagine that more come into that airport eacah day). You could just put a cot in the backroom and live where you work, right?
5) Finally, to paraphrase LOST: "The Mountain! It wants me to come back!" (or is that just you?)
Miss you....