Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little R&R, Mountain-style

So needless to say, life's not all that stressful for me these days.  But when I had the chance to head up to a little five-star luxury hot springs resort for the day, I jumped on it anyway.

I had a cold.  Which totally justifies pampering if you ask me.

This place was wonderful.  Simply wonderful.  Not the swanky, modern style that comes to mind when one thinks "five-star luxury," but rather a peaceful, charming little restored mining town tucked up into the mountains.  I wanted to curl into a ball on a couch in the corner of the main house to nap, and read and stay forever.  Only to be interrupted by a call to the table for the amazing gourmet meals....and perhaps the occasional soak in the natural hot springs.

The remoteness of this place lent itself to some fun transportation too.  (though perhaps counter-productive to the relaxing?)

(No, that's not me....but I did my fair-share of enjoying some powder meadows on the way home too.)

Next time I want to complain about the crummy over-priced produce, or the tourists clogging up the parking garage....just remind me about days like this.  The perks of mountain living are certainly worth it.

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Kelly said...

OMG- I want to go there!! It looks amazing! I want to hear more...