Friday, February 26, 2010

On the road again

Wow, it's been a while since I've driven in traffic.....and had more than one radio station available on the autoscan.  I have temporarily escaped my remote little mountain town and am trying to integrate myself back into actual society.  Its strange that what was once the norm, is now new again.  And is yet another reminder of how change is not only good, but an essential element of life.

Though, I use the term "actual society" loosely.  My little get-away started at Beaver Creek.  Not exactly the real world even if I did get to take the interstate to get there.  But for me, it was a booming metropolis, complete with Starbucks and strip malls -- oh the luxury.

A little fresh snow made for a fun day, but I have to admit I think I've been ruined by the mountain I currently call home.  I'm not sure anyplace can compete with the scenery of my backyard.  Certainly not Beaver Creek.  Sorry.  Its just a fact.  

Esthetics aside, a fun little mountain.  And it did feel "little."  I didn't even get butterflies on any of the lifts.  Wasn't worried at all about getting in over my head.  Felt confidant I could ski off any lift.  Which I'm not sure is more of a testament to the mellow (but still fun) terrain or my improving abilities on the K2's.  Either way, it was a welcome change and made for just a straight up fun time out playing in the snow.

I'm currently sitting in Aspen....I know, not really going balls-out on this re-introduction to the "real world," am I?  But sometimes change simply for the sake of change is what you really need.  I needed new mountains to see (including Mt. Sopris, my fave), new people to talk to, and new cafes to enjoy.  

Mission accomplished.  

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