Monday, December 28, 2009

Would you look at the time....

I realize I've been a little distracted lately what with all the crazy life-dreams I've been trying to make happen around here, but could someone please tell me what happened to 2009?  It seems to have vanished.

And you know what that means?  Resolution time, kids.  And all the glorious life evaluation that goes with it.  I'm feeling a little under the gun this year since I just realized we are FOUR DAYS away from 2010, but you can count me in for resolutions.  I'm all about list-making, and new year's resolutions are the ultimate list, really.  And I have to say, that since I've started actually writing down some of these crazy goals of mine.....they have started actually happening.

So heck ya I'll be making some resolutions this year.  I might even post 'em right here on the interweb for all the world to see.  Because crazy things happen when you put dreams down on paper.  They become real.  They become items on lists just itching to be checked off.  And the next thing you know you're 365 days into the future looking back at a list with a whole lotta boxes checked wondering how it all happened.

So I'll be making resolutions.  I'll be dreaming big.  Again.  And you should too.  You've got four days.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A not-so-quiet day after Christmas

Because laundry no longer qualifies as a workout now that I'm acclimated, today I made up for yesterday's lazy day of lounging and laundering by putting in some multi-sport time at my new "gym."

First up, 90 minutes of skate-skiing.  Enough to make me feel proud of the fact that I ever managed to learn to walk because I was clearly not swimming on the gifted-in-coordination-and-athleticism side of the gene pool.  But being uncoordinated is apparently quite a workout.  And my reward for looking like an ostrich on ice was burning what had to have been mass quantities of calories.

I was also rewarded with spectacular views and friendly people to chat with along the trail.  Although at one point a woman asked me "are you skate skiing?"  Ya, if she had to ask what I was doing I was probably not looking like a pro.  Oh well, did I mention the amazing views?

Next up, well....lunch at a fun new place in town.  Soup and veggie wrap in a warm, sunny window seat.

But then, a few runs on the mountain.  It was chilly (high of 10, I think) so a couple good sunny runs was plenty for my jello legs and cold toes.

And lets not forget the workout that everyone forgets about....just getting into your ski gear and getting to the mountain.  I'm improving at this one, but I'm still new enough at this mountain lifestyle to consider it part of the workout.  Its like the yoga of my new gym....balance, balance, balance.  Balance to get your feet into your boots.  Balance trying to stay upright in your ski boots maneuvering stairs.  Balance your skis on your shoulders.  There is a zen to it, for sure.

And so goes my multi-sport life these days.  One of these days I'll get my bike cleaned up from the drive and settled into its reserved spot in my living room.  But for now, I'd say my new "gym" is a fine replacement to swim, bike, run.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Quiet Christmas

I did laundry.  I reheated Chicken Spaghetti.  I watched two movies.  Pretty quiet Christmas.  But that's OK.  Its a choice.  I made the choice to be here in this crazy little isolated mountain town and this is exactly where I want to be.  But today, if someone could have magically transported me home for a couple hours I would've been all over it.

There were no homemade sticky rolls for breakfast this year.  No Swedish overnight cookies to snack on (which must be some sort of family secret because I couldn't find a link to a recipe on the internet).  No Tom and Jerry's.  No brandy, period.  (What?!  'Sconnie girl celebrates Christmas without brandy?)

But even miles from family, and the creature comforts of my family's nordic Christmas traditions, I still somehow feel spoiled, and loved, and so very lucky.  What more could a girl ask for?  I must have been a very good girl this year because Santa clearly brought me the best stuff on earth; the love of friends and family, a healthy and able (if somewhat slow) body, endless opportunity, and mountains.

I hope santa was as good to all of you.  Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just another Saturday in the life...

What to do?

Sleep late, hit the mountain around noon, ski just enough runs for your quads to get a little cranky?  Check.

Watch olympic qualifying snowboard event?  Check.

And finish off the day on a patio in the sun contributing to the cup tower with a few Fat Tire's?  Check.

Now that's a well-played Saturday.  My new favorite, spectate, socialize.

Ugh, really?

I can't believe I get to live here.  This place is infinitely beautiful.  Every day I feel nothing but lucky to have such amazing scenery out my front door.  But it can be frustrating when you are trapped in the gondola watching an amazing sunset with only your point-and-shoot, don't-care-if-you-lose-it-in-a-snowbank camera.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that that being there to enjoy it is enough.  Life's moments can still be beautiful without perfect photographic evidence.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Imposter Redeemed

For a mountain girl, I certainly didn't seem to be in any big rush to get up there on the mountain.  I had been here a week before I actually put on skis.  And it was short-lived adventure, at that.  The lift ride was pleasant enough....until I popped up over the valley wall and a blast of arctic air tried to freeze my face off.  Everything was white, snow was blowing sideways, and I promptly took the most direct route to the gondola and shuttled myself back home.

Tough little mountain girl I am not, apparently.

But today I got a second chance at a first run, and it was glorious.

Fresh snow, bluebird skies, and a new friend with enough knowledge of the mountain to keep me from accidentally getting in over my head.  What more could a girl ask for? Well, a little stop at the crepe cart for a snack didn't damper my spirits any, that's for sure.  But numb toes did.

"You take yourself with you wherever you go."  You also take your faulty, ill-fitting equipment.  My boots and I have never had a good relationship, so today was the day I saw fit to rectify the situation with some boot therapy.  After roughly two hours, and $200 I am measurably more content with my boots.  We may need a few more follow-up sessions, but I think we are on the path to a long and happy relationship....or at least a season of tolerance.

It feels so good to finally be taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor gym in my new backyard (though my quads may disagree).  I could have been out there sooner, but I don't think it could have been any better than today.  Its going to be a great season.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sure beats cube-life

Yesterday's "workout" was fossil-fuel consuming, but the views were pretty nice.  It would have taken me all day to get to this spot on snowshoes.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm snuggled in my bed right now listening to the hum of the humidifier and waiting for the heat in the living room to kick on so I don't freeze to death making a latte.

Life is good.  There is a mountain in my front yard, and snow on the ground.  I am living the crazy dream.  My crazy dream.  Its been a long time coming.  So much so that those who know me were getting quite tired of hearing about it.  But the wait only makes the payoff that much sweeter, as now I am truly appreciative for this opportunity, and so thankful for every wonderful snow-filled minute of this crazy adventure.

That is not to say that implementing this crazy dream was easy.  Transitions are hard, in triathlon and in life.  No matter how happy you are to be done with the swim, there is still a little time before you're totally dialed in on the bike.  So I'm working out the kinks.  I know with a little time I'll be sailing along on the freshly paved back country road of this new life, but first there were details to attend to.  Unpacking, getting a P.O. box, navigating new public transit, and finding the grocery store.  Things that used to be second nature.

And then the hardest part of any transition, leaving the comfort of friends who know you (and for me, family, too) with the hope that you'll make new connections.  This first week has been exciting, but also a little lonely.  No Tuesday night run group to meet up with.  No Wednesday night happy hours.  I know that in time these things will be replaced by new regular events, and the new people that go along with that, but for now there is still a noticeable void.  Though in the overall scheme of things, the drawbacks are utterly inconsequential.  Because being here.  Living the dream.  Waking up to sun on snowy peaks and neighbors biking to the gondola with skis resting on a shoulder just makes me smile.  And that warm-you-from-the-inside, can't-hold-it-back-if-you-wanted-to smile is worth every ounce of sacrifice.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The new 'hood

I haven't had much time to take pictures, but this should give you a little taste of my new neighborhood.  Its even more adorable in real life!  And you can see the mountains behind when its not dumping snow like it has been since I got here.

And apparently they bike all year round gotta love a place like that.

More blogging to come.  Its chilly and windy today so I'm staying in and trying to catch up on some things now that I'm mostly settled in.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Movin' on up....literally.

This blog is moving to a higher elevation.  Somewhere around 8500' to be exact.  Somewhere around Sunday.  And let me tell you that the process of making that happen is nothing but chaos.  But in two will be SO WORTH IT.

Workouts are going to be a little different for the next couple months.  And by different I mean ass-kicking AWESOME!

Now, just to somehow get my whole life to fit in the back of my car....and survive a little 22 hour drive.  Just those few little things, and I'll be a mountain girl.  :)