Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to fat camp

I just watched the biggest loser and now I'm all motivated. Um, some of these people weigh less than me now. And they started WAY BIGGER. Perhaps it is time I get off my bum and pretend I'm an athlete.

Now where's my personal trainer? Oh ya, I can't afford one of those. And my personal chef/dietitian? Oh ya, can't afford one of those either. Oh, and I have this thing called a JOB that they expect me to show up at which means -- I can't do two three-hour workouts everyday and still have time to grocery shop for produce and cook my own healthy meals.

Reality TV my ass. That's not reality. That's glorified fat camp.

I mean, it still makes me cry. And I still think what they've accomplished is nothing short of amazing. But then it just makes me frustrated. I mean why do you think the older people were the winners....? The one dude's gotta be retired. What else does he have to do but workout and eat right....oh, I guess that whole getting enough sleep thing might really knock a few hours off his day.

I wish I had a few months to just sleep, eat well, bust out some epic bike rides, do regular yoga to work the kinks out, maintain a strength training regimen.

Good thing I can retire in exactly, oh, 537 years.

All whining aside, I did get motivated. There are exactly three and a half weeks until the wedding. And more importantly....there are only SIX WEEKS to the first triathlon of my season.

I don't even know where my training suit is. And I recently found out that my pool didn't have water in it for a number of weeks recently due to some pipe fixing. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

Now that's reality setting in. Holy crap. I need to get to work.


Julia said...

This post is awesome. I've always said if I didn't have a real jobby type thing that I could kick major ass in all marathons. Reality bites:)

Kelly said...

Yes, totally agree, its all insane. Though for a minute I thought about trying to train 6 hours a day- that lasted 2 days, then I went back to IM training because that was easier. And seriously, how do you workout that much and eat 500 calories for dinner and keep a smile on your face? I would beyond crabby.

ssjd411 said...

I did get up and go to the gym this morning, and not pig out for breakfast because I watched The Biggest Loser last night....but even if you have the time to work out three hours a day and cook healthy meals......there is still a motivation issue! Being lazy and chubby is A LOT easier!!!!

M said...

ditto on that whole post.

sometimes i fantasize about having all day everyday to work out, and i think, "dang, i would be a killer triathlete with the body to boot!"

but then i will get that odd sunday off - one where i don't have to work my job at all - and its the perfect opportunity to do the day-long workout, just like i fantasize about. but then i mostly spend it laying on the couch.

so yeah, it would help if i wasn't also lazy.