Sunday, May 17, 2009

What gets done when you're not working out

While my workouts have been diminishing, I have become increasingly productive in other areas of life. In addition to happy hours and social events...which are fun, and seem to be plentiful lately, but are not all that productive.....I've been taking time to figure out the camera that I've now owned for a year.

This weekend I spent some time hanging out with a friend and using her kiddo as practice for my new camera lens. So much fun, but who can resist that face.
I've never been a big fan of kids but this little guy makes me melt.
But I'm going to have to keep up with the workouts if child photography is in my future. These little ones are speedy buggers once they get mobile. I was crawling all over trying to get a better angle, better light, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of whatever he was going to do. And its hard to predict what they're going to do.....

I've also been doing a lot of reading. Catching up on magazine subscribtions, and even managing to read a book or two. I finished the last book in under two weeks. I'm not even going to have to renew or pay late fees at the library. If this keeps up my local library may need additional sources of funding.
If you're's what I just finished --

A Pearl In The Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean
by Tori Murden McClure, the first woman to row alone across an ocean

Let me start by saying, I don't relate to this woman at all.

First, no way do I have any desire to be alone in a boat in the middle of the ocean. Ever. The ocean freaks. me. out. I'm oddly facinated and yet completely terrified by large bodies of water. So I just don't get why anyone would want to row a little dingy across the Atlantic. Alone.

Second, she's a lawyer, and she writes like one. That is not to say that it is bad writing. I just found it a bit...well, factual. It seems through most of the book that she is simply spouting facts at me. Even when she's talking about emotion, its all very matter-of-fact. Which made it hard for me to really feel for her. I grew to understand her, but I never felt like I connected with her.

One of the few times I felt a bit of kinship with her was when she talked about rowing alongside a giant turtle and realizing the turtle was faster than her. Ha....welcome to the feeling I have every time I race!

That said, it was an interesting book and a fast read. So if you're looking for a leisurely book to take with you to the pool this summer, I'd reccomend it. Its got a little bit of adventure, that "human spirit" vibe that might just motivate you to do that crazy thing you've been dreaming about, and even a little bit of romance. The summer reading trifecta, no doubt.

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Julia said...

ooooh a new lens! Which one did you get. The babes are too cute.