Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend of Perfection (aside from the actual running part)

This weekend is the beginning of a very busy week of events, with the grand finale being my little sister's wedding. But I have to say, if the start of the weekend in any indication, this is going to be 9 days of awesomeness.

Friday night I enjoyed a near-perfect evening at the Union Terrace, warm sun slowly setting, sailboats bobbing on the water, music, a table full of pitchers, and a group of fun and crazy girls that I haven't seen in a very long time.

I absolutely adore fun and crazy.

From there I moved on to some more al fresco dining that included one very delicious double taco and a margarita.

I adore margaritas too.

This morning started with a stop at the local coffee shop (love), a nice little 6.2 mile run/walk on the "arb loop" of THE BEST running routes in Madison (love - never mind the blisters, hills, giant welt-leaving bug bite, and start of some shin splints), with some exceptional company and very inspiring conversation (love great friends and inspiring conversations).

And then, as if the start of this weekend was not superb already, it was topped off with a leisurely stroll around the capitol square for the farmers market (the best farmers market in the US), where we ran into more awesome friends and one super adorable kiddo.

I mean really, does it get any better? Well, actually....the sun just came out. So ya, it gets better. Add one perfect, sunny, 70-degree, cool-breeze afternoon to this already perfect weekend and I am one happy girl.

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Laura said...

things are looking up in Gena land! Enjoy the day and the wedding week!