Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can I have three wheels and a steep hill please?

I have never been good at the downhills. But this even makes the five mile downhill off the backside of Spooner (Lake Tahoe -- probably the biggest decent I've done) look like pie.

You can file this under "things I wouldn't do even if you paid me a lot of money." But thanks to the invention of the nifty video recorder, we can all still enjoy the rush without fearing for our lives. This video totally made me laugh. No idea why. Complete absurdity maybe? I love how the other rider disappears off into the gravel a couple times and then just seems to magically reappear like nothing happened. Its like a racing video game come to life....complete with slack steering and oncoming traffic. Awesome.

**incidentally, totally impressed with myself for finally figuring out how to embed video. little blogging victory. go me.

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