Thursday, May 14, 2009

Motivation for the weekend

Jamie Donaldson, an ultra runner, posted this fun little video on her page. Watch it. It'll make you want to go for a run RIGHT NOW. If my backyard looked like ANY of those places, I would run a lot more. Those trails look amazing. It makes running look fun!

UltraRunning from Matt Hart on Vimeo.

Hope everyone can get outside and enjoy a little fresh air this weekend. I'm hoping to. I'm also hoping to get to the bottom of a very long "to do" list. So much to is a small random sampling:

1. Wash car (no idea how I can get caught in two torrential downpours in a week yet still have a very dirty car, but I do)

2. Ride bike, preferably for 40+ miles (Late breaking news that this bike ride may be combined with a swim. yikes! I hope I remember how. And more importantly, I hope my suit hasn't disintegrated to obscene status over the winter. I really don't want to have to buy a new one.)

3. Run, doesn't matter how far. Just run.

4. Write out a training plan for Triterium in June

5. Drink margaritas (an integral part of any successful training plan, all that salt is for electrolyte replacement you know)

6. Order trailer hitch gizmo for car (for future purchase of totally awesome bike rack, now that I've cleaned up the seats after the winter the bike is no longer allowed inside the car)

7. Shop for shoes (really, I need new shoes....I'm not a big "shopper" so when I say I need shoes, I really need shoes.)

8. Buy ticket to DC for Army 10-miler (yay girls weekend!!)

9. Register for Triterium, and Door County

10. Find a big fall goal race (dare I say marathon?)

11. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up, or at least what I want to work toward for the next two years (this one should fill up any free time I might have had left in the weekend)

Happy weekend! Hope you all make it to the bottom of your "to do" lists too!

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Laura said...

I better see you tomorrow at 4pm at my place for our make up ride. Shall I start posting all of our plans on here for the world to see?? :) ha