Monday, December 28, 2009

Would you look at the time....

I realize I've been a little distracted lately what with all the crazy life-dreams I've been trying to make happen around here, but could someone please tell me what happened to 2009?  It seems to have vanished.

And you know what that means?  Resolution time, kids.  And all the glorious life evaluation that goes with it.  I'm feeling a little under the gun this year since I just realized we are FOUR DAYS away from 2010, but you can count me in for resolutions.  I'm all about list-making, and new year's resolutions are the ultimate list, really.  And I have to say, that since I've started actually writing down some of these crazy goals of mine.....they have started actually happening.

So heck ya I'll be making some resolutions this year.  I might even post 'em right here on the interweb for all the world to see.  Because crazy things happen when you put dreams down on paper.  They become real.  They become items on lists just itching to be checked off.  And the next thing you know you're 365 days into the future looking back at a list with a whole lotta boxes checked wondering how it all happened.

So I'll be making resolutions.  I'll be dreaming big.  Again.  And you should too.  You've got four days.

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Laura said...

I think you can go over a bit w/ the resolutions.. I usually give myself until the end of January! Have I ever showed you the collage I made when I was hoping for a baby... photo of J/L on that thing... I swear! :D Happy resolving... I'll post mine if you post yours!!! :D