Monday, December 14, 2009

Imposter Redeemed

For a mountain girl, I certainly didn't seem to be in any big rush to get up there on the mountain.  I had been here a week before I actually put on skis.  And it was short-lived adventure, at that.  The lift ride was pleasant enough....until I popped up over the valley wall and a blast of arctic air tried to freeze my face off.  Everything was white, snow was blowing sideways, and I promptly took the most direct route to the gondola and shuttled myself back home.

Tough little mountain girl I am not, apparently.

But today I got a second chance at a first run, and it was glorious.

Fresh snow, bluebird skies, and a new friend with enough knowledge of the mountain to keep me from accidentally getting in over my head.  What more could a girl ask for? Well, a little stop at the crepe cart for a snack didn't damper my spirits any, that's for sure.  But numb toes did.

"You take yourself with you wherever you go."  You also take your faulty, ill-fitting equipment.  My boots and I have never had a good relationship, so today was the day I saw fit to rectify the situation with some boot therapy.  After roughly two hours, and $200 I am measurably more content with my boots.  We may need a few more follow-up sessions, but I think we are on the path to a long and happy relationship....or at least a season of tolerance.

It feels so good to finally be taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor gym in my new backyard (though my quads may disagree).  I could have been out there sooner, but I don't think it could have been any better than today.  Its going to be a great season.

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