Sunday, December 27, 2009

A not-so-quiet day after Christmas

Because laundry no longer qualifies as a workout now that I'm acclimated, today I made up for yesterday's lazy day of lounging and laundering by putting in some multi-sport time at my new "gym."

First up, 90 minutes of skate-skiing.  Enough to make me feel proud of the fact that I ever managed to learn to walk because I was clearly not swimming on the gifted-in-coordination-and-athleticism side of the gene pool.  But being uncoordinated is apparently quite a workout.  And my reward for looking like an ostrich on ice was burning what had to have been mass quantities of calories.

I was also rewarded with spectacular views and friendly people to chat with along the trail.  Although at one point a woman asked me "are you skate skiing?"  Ya, if she had to ask what I was doing I was probably not looking like a pro.  Oh well, did I mention the amazing views?

Next up, well....lunch at a fun new place in town.  Soup and veggie wrap in a warm, sunny window seat.

But then, a few runs on the mountain.  It was chilly (high of 10, I think) so a couple good sunny runs was plenty for my jello legs and cold toes.

And lets not forget the workout that everyone forgets about....just getting into your ski gear and getting to the mountain.  I'm improving at this one, but I'm still new enough at this mountain lifestyle to consider it part of the workout.  Its like the yoga of my new gym....balance, balance, balance.  Balance to get your feet into your boots.  Balance trying to stay upright in your ski boots maneuvering stairs.  Balance your skis on your shoulders.  There is a zen to it, for sure.

And so goes my multi-sport life these days.  One of these days I'll get my bike cleaned up from the drive and settled into its reserved spot in my living room.  But for now, I'd say my new "gym" is a fine replacement to swim, bike, run.

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