Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did you miss me?

So since my last blog there has been...

1. A lot of time. I don't quite understand how you can blink and miss two weeks, but apparently it happens.

2. A beautiful outdoor ride in the sunshine, and temps that were borderline WARM. Bliss. That's what that day was. Bliss. And it made me remember that I LOVE riding my bike.

3. A miserable, cold, windy, snowy weekend....actually, come to think of it there were two of those since my last post. Just a little gift from mother nature to remind us that we live ON THE FROZEN TUNDRA and things don't thaw completely around here until early August. So please knock it off with the smiling and the generally improved disposition. And while you're at it you can take your cold, crabby ass to the basement and dig out that winter jacket that you already stored for the season. You're still going to need it.

4. A nice little visit from my sister and her soon-to-be husband. (read: whirlwind weekend of wedding nonsense.)

5. An interesting chiropractor appointment, where I was informed that I have a frozen hip joint. Funny, but I don't remember turning 80?

6. Library trips. Many, many library trips. The library has become my new workout buddy, in fact. Health books, food books, yoga and pilates DVDs. And here's a little secret.....its FREE! Well, so long as you bring the stuff back when they ask you to.

7. A few days of hobbling. Newsflash: Pilates is HARD. I was reacquainted with hip and thigh muscles that I never knew existed.

8. One amazing 42 mile bike ride. Which felt great until about mile 32, which is when my backside promptly reminded me that we had not actually sat on the bike this long since, oh, LAST AUGUST. Ahh, the joy of spring.

9. And like always, there has been plotting and planning for potential adventures.....some of which have been race related, but a lot of which has involved deliberating my options for getting in a few more days in the mountains this ski season. I haven't put away the K2s just yet. There's still hope.


ssjd411 said...

I did miss you! We had odd, summer like weather for three days and everyone LOST THEIR MINDS! It means instant traffic everywhere, crazy sunburns and allergies out of nowhere! But it is nice while it's here! I got a bike ride in too...although not 42 miles! I have to condition my butt a little slower than that!

Dano said...

I missed you.
And missed you on the road today, too... (!)

keybe said...

and you were spared from participating in most of the wedding nonsense!