Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its Spring Peeps!

If there was ever an indicator that warm rides and sweaty runs were finally is PEEPS (how cute are the beheaded Versailles peeps?)! Well, that and the fact that I will be storing the skis (*tear, sniff sniff*) before I head out of town for what seems to be an annual spring trip to D.C. I'm trying not to think about the fact that Aspen Highlands got 18" of snow on Monday, has the largest base they've had all year, and will still be open this weekend. Yup, trying not to think about that.

My D.C. trip is a little later this year so I'll miss the cherry blossoms, but I'm very excited to see my "D.C. peeps".

And its supposed to be 80 degrees. EIGHTY DEGREES. Hello summer dresses. Hello pedicure tomorrow for the summer sandal debut. Hello cold beverages on sunny outdoor patios. Can't wait!


ssjd411 said...

Have fun! Enjoy the sunshine!

Laura said...

have fun!! :)