Friday, April 17, 2009

Madison, I forgot I love you

I went for a run last night. Yes, that's right. An actual workout. I dragged along my partner-in-crime from last Thursday's happy hour too. Payback.

I learned two things on this run:

1) I absolutely love this little town. Sometimes I forget. Especially in the winter, when all the good stuff is frozen and there are no snowy peaks to ski. But yesterday renewed my love for this place. Beautiful weather. And a great run through the west end of campus, along the UW practice fields, to the lake and out to picnic point. I cannot believe I have lived here as long as I have and NOT run out to picnic point. What a fun new discovery right in my backyard.

2) Sometimes happy hour really is better than a workout, but not for the obvious reasons. You see at some point in the evening last week (our little happy hour kind of spilled over into "happy Thursday night") the conversation led to running, which (after many "happy beverages") led to my friend deciding she wants to run the Madison Half Marathon. Which led to my friend feeling the need to oblige my request for a run this week. Which led to the discovery that my friend runs about the same pace I do. And she thinks its "pretty fast." Whoa. Why have we never run together before? I see many runs in our future. Very exciting stuff. Thank you happy hour.

Moral of the story....get crazy....break out of your routine....good things will happen.

Happy Friday!

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