Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some random things you may, or may not, have needed to know about my life lately

Let's start with DC --

It was blazing hot. Like 90+ degrees. Except DC is a second cousin of Louisiana and its like stepping out of your shower all day long. Problem is that when you're in your bathroom nakedness is completely appropriate. Not so much in the nations capitol.

I felt like a sweaty wreck all weekend. When you pluck someone off the frozen tundra and plop her down in a swamp, it ain't gonna be pretty. Like when you take cookware through extreme temperature changes....I cracked.

Add to that the shoe issues....oh, the shoes....and all that "city walking"....and bridesmaid dress shopping, its no wonder I needed bourbon.

Yes, that's right. Bourbon. And not all mixed into some frou-frou drink either. Bourbon on the rocks. And ladies, I think this is a well kept man-secret that should be let out -- bourbon is good. And it did not make me feel like death the next day (which I absolutely should have). I might just have to put this bourbon stuff to the test again sometime.


Oh, and there was a wedding. And a lot of champagne. Um, ya. There was champagne. Oi. But it was beautiful, and quite fun. And don't you just love having an excuse to drink champagne?


I've recently learned the beauty of the "book on tape" commute and I LOVE it. Why was I not doing this a long time ago? I never thought my commute was long enough but I can knock off a book in just over a week.

So I've been waiting for my new commuting entertainment (The Food Revolution), but when the "book on tape" came in (FINALLY) I must have ordered wrong from the library. It really was a book. on. tape.

Um...tapes? What am I supposed to do with these? This is not 1987. I did happen to get the paperback book too, so it looks like I might have to actually read it. Like turn the pages an everything. As in, you can't do anything else except read the book. How time-consuming is that? Especially when I am already currently reading another book (not available on CD) that I will be lucky to finish before it is due.

Maybe I could dig up an old Walkman somewhere and try the "book on tape" workout. Although I'm not sure how that would go. Something tells me that someone reading me a story about what I should or shouldn't be eating isn't really going to give my run pace an added boost.

Speaking of Workouts

What? What are those? You mean this is supposed to be a blog about triathlons? I should probably get on the ball and lay out some sort of workout plan for the summer before I end up spending too much time turning those book pages and become a big(er) pile of goo. Its just that there are all these plans in the works....and so many things up in the air. Its hard to really commit to much of anything right now. (I know, I think I've been whining about this for more than a few weeks now.)

But one could argue that the lack of a scheduled race really shouldn't mean that I can't be training. Should it now.

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