Sunday, February 22, 2009

OK Winter, I give

Apparently, I'm a total wimp about the cold. And the dark. And the combination of the two is completely insurmountable.

So, remind me again why I live in Wisconsin? Where, for a solid three months of the year it is cold -- well below freezing, cold. And dark when I leave work.

I had been using some free gym passes to get a few workouts in. And then tried out a new Anytime Fitness, for another week of free membership. But when that ran out....nothin'. No workouts. For a week.

I was then supposed to be at a Team in Training workout Saturday morning....thinking I'd kick-start my workout habits back into gear with that. OR.....I could oversleep and just meet up with everyone for breakfast. Excellent.

So my complete lack of self-motivation has prompted action. That action being the start of some serious scheduling, and planning. That starts THIS week. Because I have a lot of stuff coming up.

Like RACES --

I am committed to the Green Bay Half Marathon and that is the end of the story. I'm doing it. And the more training I do the less pain I will feel on race day, so its best I get on that. Seeing how my training should have started like OVER THREE weeks ago. But who's counting? I think realistically my goal of a PR for that race is out the window. But we'll see.


In addition to a fun wedding in April I'll be attending, there are exactly 103 days until my sister walks down the isle. Which means that while I can't technically say I'm training for Tahoe...or Lake Mills....or the Blue Mounds Trail Run....or any number of other great races I wanted to do that happen THAT WEEKEND (Hi you!).....what I am training for are pictures. Pictures that will be around, for like....FOREVER. And if the threat of that lasting memory isn't enough to get me to kick it into high gear, I don't know what will motivate me.

So there has been a flurry of planning happening around here. Calorie calculating, meal planning, workout scheduling, name it and I have probably tried to hunt down or create an easy tracking method for it. My fridge is full of fruits and veggies. And my workout bag is about to be packed for a 6am swim tomorrow.

Let training season begin! (try to pretend I didn't say that about a month ago....It's for real this time...)


ssjd411 said...

So when are you packing up and moving to Portland!!!???? We only had one notable snowstorm this year...and the temps are 20 and above! Plus I need a running partner!!!!! You're right, this note is a purely selfish attempt to get a running partner!

keybe said...

oh yeah, feelin' the love. right.