Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 is the new 5, apparently

I have been off the grid for 7 days.  SEVEN FREAKING DAYS.  Do you know how long that is to be without the internet?  or a cell phone?  or a SHOWER?!  (though the no shower thing does wonders for your hair)

Something I was not without....a pillow.  A pink down pillow, at that.  And I took a lot of s#$% for it, but it was quite worth it.  A girl's gotta have a few creature comforts when she's sleeping somewhere in the middle of the paleozoic era in a tent with someone who has entire conversations with himself while he sleeps.  While HE sleeps....and I listen.  First to him, and then to every teeny tiny noise within a five county radius BECAUSE THAT IS HOW QUIET IT IS when you step back in time.  You can hear the wings of bugs flying miles away and they sound like jet airplanes that are about to land in your tent.  One night you think you hear cows or elk meandering through your camp, but you convince yourself you are just suffering the delusional effects of cell phone deprivation, except the next morning you find out there were in fact cows wandering through camp and then your brain just kinda explodes because you can no longer deal with the fact that you are camping with cows, miles away from the rest of your life, which is suspended up in the air while you play Huck Finn on the river with a bunch of boys who drink a lot of beer, didn't bring enough water, and may or may not have washed that pan they cooked dinner in.

So ya, the river was good.  But I am happy to be home.  Home being relative, I guess.  Seeing how it is only actually my "home" for two more weeks and then I have NO CLUE where life will take me.

Do I regret accepting that invite 24 hours out from departure and a three hour drive from home?  Not for a second.

Sure I could have been bumming around my little mountain town all week, looking for the answers to life's questions somewhere deep in the murky depths of the readily available interweb while I sipped my Americano and enjoyed the benefits of indoor plumbing.  But I would have missed out on one hell of an experience.  And life experience should always trump the internet, no?

Anyway, my point.....I'm back.  And I have stories.


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Sounds AWESOME. Where were you?

perpetual adventure said...

The Yampa River and then on the lower Green. The scenery was pretty spectacular, I have to admit.

ssjd411 said...

When are you going to write a book and share all of these "stories" that you never get around to blogging!!????!!! Inquiring minds that live vicariously through you while they are in nursing school want to know!!!

perpetual adventure said...

Haha! That is a VERY good question. When am I going to write that book.....? ;)

ssjd411 said...

sounds like you have some time right now!!!! Grab that laptop, hit the coffee shop and get going girl!