Thursday, April 1, 2010

Will she do it?

That's it.  That's the end of season goal.  That steep, bumpy, mess of a run.  It greets me every day and yet, we are not friends.  We acknowledge each other's presence.  And at the end of every ski day our little game begins.  The run just laying in wait, taunting me with the most direct route home.  Me, avoiding, putzing and winding down the mountain the most indirect and miserable route to my front door.  Only to look up when I get home and see the run, still waiting.

Less than four days to go.

Is this relationship one that will remain cold, aloof, and forever unknown?  Or will we set aside our differences and see what can happen in these few, sweet final days of the season?


ssjd411 said...

I usually find that strangers are usually more friendly than you think they are going to be and once you get to know may just end up with a new and exciting friend!

Dano said...

The opportunities are rare where you're both in a position to accept a relationship, even if it is impermanent.