Monday, April 5, 2010

Well, that was an experience.

Closing day on the mountain.....I spent the morning in town, enjoying the sunshine.  Stopped in at the coffee shop and enjoyed a waffle (my fave!), an americano, and the great company of new friends.  Finally took one last ride up my backyard chairlift to say goodbye to all the runs that started this crazy adventure with me and realized -- I've come a long way.  Then I headed to the party.  At least the party I was "invited" to.....there are lots of little (or in some cases, pretty big) parties in secret spots around the mountain, the trick is you have to be able to ski there.  So while it wasn't the exclusive hike-to party, it was still quite an event.....great music, crazy costumes, and fun friends.

It all seems bittersweet.  Celebrating the end without knowing what's ahead.  Shutting the door on a winter season with snow still on the ground, and just as I was seeming to get the hang of things.....or so I thought.  This town....this crazy little mountain town always seems to throw something unexpected at me just when I get comfortable.  One hour I love this place, and the next it leaves me shaking my head in frustration and looking for plane tickets to Portugal.

I'm still pretty directionless at the moment.  But I do know that I need a break from all this.  So today I'll be heading in the direction of new scenery and freedom from the confines of the box canyon.

I don't know where the next beginning will be, but I know I'm not going to sit around and mourn the end.

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