Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not helping.

A friend posted this video on Facebook, and I have to admit that I got a little teary when I watched it (its not sad, I'm just a nutjob).

To say that a lot about my life is up in the air right now, would be an understatement. EVERYthing is up in the air. I'm hours away from being pretty much unemployed (seasonal work tends to cause this, apparently). I'm weeks away from being pretty much homeless (ended my lease because at this point I don't know where the rent money is going to come from). And this video only reminded me what a great big world of options exists out there.

It's all a little overwhelming. I guess that explains the tears.

That's not to say that being overwhelmed is a bad thing. Options are good. How lucky am I to have options? And I am considering all of them right now. Even the craziest of the crazy ones. And really, how fun is that?

So bring on the crazy. And the pomegranate mojitos. Its time to celebrate options.

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Laura said...

you'll have to change the name of this blog to wherethehellisGena.com! :) Can't wait to hear what your next move will be! :)