Thursday, March 4, 2010


You know that beginning stage of a passionate romance?  The one where its all happening so fast, you know you're getting in over your head, but you just can't stop yourself.  Well I'm there.  Except there's no mountain man in the picture.....instead, its the start of my relationship with this amazing place.  I'm totally falling.

Something about this place takes my breath away on a daily basis.  Whether its the small town charm of friendly neighbors catching up at the post office......or a blow-your-mind sunset over the mountains on my way home from work

.....I might be in over my head.

Yesterday I had to get my tire fixed.  Something that meant driving an hour and twenty minutes to the next biggest town.  Annoying, right?  Well not when this is your drive....

Getting my tire fixed was one of the most pleasant car-related experiences I've ever had.  A charming little garage, where I was helped by a truly kind-hearted man who appeared to have been doing this his whole life (aside from a stint in the "70s" where I imagine his career may have gotten a little off-track).  

As I was waiting (no waiting room, waiting meant just hanging out in the garage watching all the activity) a cowboy sauntered in....a real cowboy, tall and lanky, button-up shirt tucked into wranglers, the whole look polished off with dirty cowboy boots.  I was completely enthralled with the whole scene.  He greeted everyone in the shop like they had been friends all their life.  The kind of greeting that's simple but deep with meaning.  And honest.  Just straight up honest.  

I saw him eyeing me up, never judging, just curious about this stranger, with her designer jeans and foreign car, sipping her Starbucks smoothie (hey this was a trip to "big city," I had to treat myself).....I was clearly out of place, but absolutely never meant to feel that way.  I think getting my tire fixed may have restored my faith in humanity.  There really are honest, down-to-earth people left in this world.  Such a contrast from the fantasy playground I call home....yet, just down the road.

I was almost sad when, within 10 minutes of my arrival, the tire was done and it was time for me to leave.  I wanted to stay and observe the comings and goings of this little tire shop all afternoon.  Meet the locals, get the real story on life in this town that's caught somewhere between fantasy-land and the rest of the world in a place that is simply real.

But there were more adventures for me to have....on my way home, I decided to take a little side-trip (20 miles out of the way) to get a few containers of the best salsa on earth.  I would have already driven almost three hours to get my tire fixed, what was another 30 minutes in the car?

Well, wouldn't you know, they were out of salsa.  Out.  But I figured since I was already here in this neighboring little mountain town, I should drive the pass just out of town and see what there is to see.  So I chatted with the guy working at the grocery store (the only guy working at the one grocery store on Main Street) and learned that the summit was just 13 miles out of town.  So off I went.

I didn't get salsa, but I got these.....

If I really am falling for this crazy little ski town I currently call home, yesterday was like finally meeting the extended family and feeling like I fit right in.

And the best part about this new relationship, I know there is so much more to learn, so many more adventures to be had.  This one just might have the potential to hold my interest for a very long time.

Yes, I'm definitely falling.....


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