Sunday, March 14, 2010

I skied that.

I have a strong aversion to speed, and heights.  So why I even like skiing is a mystery that will probably never be solved.  Standing at the top of a run is where it usually all hits me.  Self-doubt and panic that I've been known to ponder too long, leading to temporary paralysis and an inability to drop in on something well within my capabilities because it "looks" hard.

Its a head-game.  A game that has no winners, from what I can tell.

But there's been a changing of the tides around here.  I maxed out my unlimited lesson pass this past week and after three solid days on the mountain I am skiing runs I would never have attempted before.  Bumps, steeps, a little trip to the bowl....a season's worth of work is all coming together and I'm dropping in without even hesitating on runs that used to make me more than a little nervous.

I guess practice pays off!  And more important than the accomplished feeling of saying "wow, look what I just skied," I'm having more fun on the mountain.  And fun is really what its all about, right?

Well, fun and the workout.  Did I mention the workout?  Holy crap.  Bump runs feel like never-ending wall sits.  After three big days on the mountain and a required night on the town (parties, concerts and whatnot) I couldn't hang on for day four.  My "epic" day was spent lounging in my pjs nursing my tired, aching legs and attempting to rehydrate.

But I have no complaints.  Even a day on the couch is still a day on the couch in the mountains.

And I can still say, LOOK WHAT I SKIED (I swear its steep, the photos are deceiving) --

I have one more goal to be met for the season.  A treacherous looking run that leads straight to my house.  I will ski it home before the end of the season.  Three weeks to go.  Three short weeks....

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