Thursday, July 7, 2011

Absolutely nothing to do with triathlon, which is absolutely nothing new


Well, its kinda sorta related. There are bikes.

At the risk of totally poaching some one's Tumblr feed I should say I first saw this HERE. It's actually where I've found a few of the music bits I've posted recently. I've become somewhat obsessed with her blog...err Tumblr...or, whatever...I don't quite understand Tumblr to be honest. I mean, why is it missing a vowel? I don't get it. And when I click on things I think will be source links they take me to lists of other people who like the is it a blog? Is it Pinterest? Is it their love-child? Ah, well. These are things to ponder on cold, mid western winter nights after I have tired of euchre and Aquavit. Certainly not in the middle of a perfectly lovely summer. My brain cells are much better used plotting birthday adventures and more epic road know, the logistics of squeezing the most life possible out of these sweet months between the annual ice ages.

So far I'm doing pretty well. Life is good. It would be better if I would ride my bike now and then. But, you know, things can't always be perfection. So I'll just have to settle for really, really awesome.

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