Thursday, March 19, 2009

New babies, new friends, and such...

Welcome home my precious new little babies!

Meet the family!

I can sure see the resemblance. :)

Its been a bit of a slack week. I was feeling the effects of Sunday for sure....note to self, bloody mary's -- maybe not the best recovery drink. And then Tuesday I opted to skip the group bike ride to work late and meet some friends for a St. Patty's day drink.

I know I should feel guilty about that, but to be honest, this isn't exactly college anymore. A gaggle of peers no longer live within shouting distance. And lately it seems that chances to get to know new friends come around less than chances to ride my bike. So I opted for new friends. And haven't second guessed that decision for one little second.

My bike knows there will be many more Tuesday nights to ride.

And speaking of new friends....tonight's group run felt a little tougher than last week. But I still smiled through the whole thing, and met some wonderful people. Add to that, the fact that my first official freelance assignment came out in print today -- and well, I'd say its been a pretty great week! No matter how many miles I got in.

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ssjd411 said...

Beautiful! You must be so proud!!! I will be bringing mine home next week!