Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Running Group

I'm huddled up in bed, with the heating blanket cranked, and I'm contemplating a 9pm bedtime. But I'm so content.

A few weeks ago I registered for a running group led by former Olympian, Suzy Favor-Hamilton. I'm not sure why I registered, but for some reason I was motivated and jumped at the idea. The cute group t-shirt perhaps? I don't know. But after my first group run, I know.

Because running, is not about running at all. At least not for me. Running is social. I smiled all the way through the workout. Which is saying a lot considering the frigid 20-something temps. It was just fun! Fun to be in a group of just runners -- women runners. Runners who were just running, not training.

Every shape, every size, every age, every speed. Newbies, and seasoned runners. It was so refreshing. There were no fancy bikes. No $500 wetsuits. It was just runners and their running shoes. And it was simply fabulous.

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