Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh, I miss you

I think I need coffee in my life in order to be a normal, functioning, human. Really. I MISS COFFEE. I thought I could deal, I really did. But I daydream about coffee shops. I envy those smug people meandering around caressing their little cups in the morning. I mean first the caffeine, and now the sugar. I have no (legal) stimulants left. I'm going insane.

I think this is probably the part of rehab where people go back to the crack. That first week is just mind games. You're excited about your new goal. You still optimistically think you can pull it off. You're changing everything so its all new and exciting.

But by 10 days in, its not new anymore -- its annoying. And you're not over the detox hump like you thought you were. And you really, really just want to go out for brunch on Sunday and eat a damn waffle with your soy latte like the rest of America. But you can't, because waffles have both sugar AND dairy. And if you're getting that soy might as well order up some heroin. Because you are OFF THE WAGON. And you know coffee is just a gateway drug.

So....that should sum up how things have been going lately.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to Chicago!

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ssjd411 said...

LOL...I have gone "off coffee" many times because just about every detox diet lists it as a must.....but I decided that I will never do that to myself again. It is a gateway drug.....but it is all natural too! So weigh the pros and cons, but my life is just not good enough without coffee! Good luck wrestling the coffee demons, they are scrappy little buggers!