Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheater, cheater!

So, I fell off the wagon this weekend. As can be seen by my brunch, pictured above -- breakfast burrito with egg, beans, avocado and the ever-evil, cheddar cheese. Also included, a big dollop of sour cream on the side. And OMG, it was good. I maybe could have done without the cheese, but a breakfast burrito with no sour cream? I'm pretty sure that's criminal. (*it should be noted that I ate only a fraction of this burrito, it was ginormous)

And yes, that's a mimosa. Don't you wish every day could start with champagne? Is brunch not the best meal ever invented?

To be honest, I cheated before brunch. But it is really hard to stick to an obnoxious eating plan like this when you're traveling and staying with friends. And seeing how eating these forbidden substances is not going to make my head swell up and pop off due to some wacky allergy or other food related illness....well, I didn't have it in me to be a total pain in the ass all weekend.

So I cheated.

Could I have stuck with it? Probably. Its a challenge, but not impossible. Did I feel like sticking with it? No. Did I cheat at every possible opportunity? No, but bottom line -- I failed in the willpower department.

However, I'm not going to let it completely derail me. I'm back on the plan tomorrow. No excuses now that I'm on my home turf and in control of what's available to ingest.

And on the topic of ingestion....I think more importantly than the no sugar, no dairy....there needs to be a "no more than you need" clause added to this little meal plan. Because in the first week, when I thought I would see a decent weight loss by simply changing what I was eating, I was only 1 pound down. ONE. ONE POUND.

And soon there will be this --
In which, I will be photographed a couple hundred times, standing next to my precious little bride of a sister. At which time I would like not to look like the giant hulk of a spinster sibling standing beside her.

And so starts food tracking, and calorie counting....and serious, no excuse workouts. I've been working out, but certainly not to the shrink-my-ass-into-a-bridesmaid-dress level. So now -- it is time.

I just hope the weather will cooperate so I don't have to dig to the deepest depths of my soul for motivation. So mother nature....are you listening? Help me out here. I'm not asking for much....just 45 degrees or so, and some sun. Okay, thanks.

PS It should be noted that I have still not had coffee. Even though it was rainy, and dreary all weekend (i.e. perfect coffee drinking weather). So there were some small victories.

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Sarah said...

I wish I could go back today....I could use another heaping plate of cheese and sour cream!!