Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Weekend Ahead

Our first outdoor ride is scheduled for Saturday. Its supposed to be 40-something -- as a high. Which means at 7am, it won't be there yet. I'm trying to get psyched up for this. Really. I'm trying. But I am NOT EXCITED. I hope its a beautiful day. I hope its a great, fun ride. But I fear it will be cold. And I know it will be hilly (I've seen the route profile). And cold, and hilly are not a good combination. I have tried that mix before. (though at least there won't be a dip in the lake first -- Devils Lake Tri two years ago anyone?!) And worst of all....NO PRE-RIDE COFFEE to superheat from the inside. What am I going to do?!

Then, if I live through the trauma of Saturday, Sunday will be the first official race of the year. And the first addition to my 2009 collection of very expensive cotton t-shirts. Yippie. I registered for the 5k, because after scoping out times from last year I realized there was a very real possibility that I would finish dead last if I chose the 10k. That just didn't seem like much fun. And running up Bascom Hill is going to be enough fun for one day. Wouldn't want to overdo it in the fun category.

Gosh, by the looks of my schedule you'd almost think I was training for something. But oddly, there have still been no race registrations. Lots of talk. No action. I'm certainly taking my sweet time with that this year.

Have a great weekend! Please watch for cyclists!

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ssjd411 said...

Hot peppermint tea!!!! Yum YUM! I didn't think to look at the times for last years 8k....I may be last=)It is supposed to rain for our shamrock....but running (jogging)in the rain isn't really out of the ordinary around here! Have fun and stay warm!