Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

It's cold. Cold enough to make your joints ache and your snot freeze right in your nose. Lovely thought, I know....but that just sums up how flippin' cold it is....easily cold enough to zap all motivation for working out. However, I did manage to overcome all that and get in a few decent workouts this weekend.

Saturday I swam with the Team in Training tri team at 8am. Got a few pointers on my stroke and a decent workout in. Two hours at the pool, about an hour of solid swimming. I think the changes to my technique are going to help me get a little more power out of my stroke, which I could use. I haven't swam in quite a while and it felt nice to get a shoulder burn going.

Then I headed over to workout with the Team in Training cycle team at 10:45am and got in an hour on the bike. No aches in the knees after this ride so I must have tweaked the bike fit better this time.

After all that I had to sprint for the showers and then to the salon for a hair appointment. No time for a post-workout snack. This is where that life-balance part comes in. I had a granola bar on my way to the swim (7:30am), and sipped a soy latte between the swim and the bike (10:15am). I should have packed food to eat en route to the salon (12:30pm). Needless to say I was starving at the salon. And ready to eat my arm off when I left there (3pm). I probably didn't do my muscles any recovery favors either.

Sunday I was feeling sloth-like and put off the workout all day. The temps were in the negative digits and I just didn't feel like going outside. But Finally around 6pm I made it to the gym. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes in the pool. Not a lot, I know. But I made sure to hit some tempos faster than my goal pace on the run so I felt good about what little I did do. However 30 minutes is still less than three miles for me. Not saying that's slow. Its just "what it is" right now. There is a warm-up included in there, so I'm hoping the average pace will increase as the actual workout part gets longer.

It's an embarassing volume for a weekend workout....those are supposed to be the big days. But right now I'm just trying to be realistic about where I'm starting from, and focus on consistancy. The volume will come.

Its funny, I've been having pain in my left knee (not new, lingering for over a year now) and some other chronic aches and pains (low back, mid back from time to time). They bother me the most on the run. But it seems the faster I run the less everything hurts. Not sure how or why....? Whatever it is I'm hoping it inspires me to run faster once my base fitness gets back to a level where faster paces are sustainable.


the b said...

cold? cold, you say? is it colder than a penguin's bottom?

Laura said...

Uh yeah, nutrition needs some HELP!!! Big time. Come on you couldn't drag a banana along for the ride? :) ha :)

Getting the work outs in is what matters right now so keep it up. You are doing great.. considering the temps outside. Enough to burst anyone's bubble... I've had a shitty week b/c of a cold and lack of sleep. blah blah blah1