Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm so over winter

As a snow-loving, nordic tundra dweller....I generally look forward to winter. The crisp chill that comes with the change of season. The cozy cashmere turtlenecks and soy latte sipping mornings. The cuddle up under the blanket and watch a movie evenings. Its like an excuse to slow down a little bit. Catch up on those inside things you negleted all summer....photo albums, closet cleaning, and whatnot.

But this...this winter we're having....it's completely out of hand. And I'm so over it. Its either snowing, or blowing, or just frigidly cold. And I'm not exaggerating. We've already broken the record for snowfall in a season. The record was 76". The average is around 50". We're looking at 80"+ right now and its only February!

And all the snow would be fine, if you could get out and enjoy it. But every big dump seems to be followed by temps in the negative numbers. Case in point....tonight's high...-7 degrees with windchills of -15 to -30.

I normally like to get out and enjoy winter...ski, snowshoe....but the weather has kept me indoors and I'm about to lose my mind. The gym is about the only thing that is keeping me sane. But I'm pretty much over that too lately.

And driving....nothing like a morning commute across a skating rink to really add a little stress to your day. Driving lately is what I imagine driving on the ice road to be like. And when you can see the pavement its usually only to expose man-eating pot-holes.

Last night I was trying to get out snowshoeing before it got too dark but got stuck in this nonsense...

This girl went in the ditch, which made these other cars stop. Problem was they stopped on the hill and with the road being all ice, they couldn't get going again. So there we all sat.

Ok, so this doesn't really have anything to do with triathlon. But I'm crabby and I needed to vent a bit. Heck we're all crabby these days. You can't even smile at people on the street because the cold air makes your teeth hurt. So we just put our heads down and waddle around all bundled up.

Happy friggin' winter.

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steve larson said...

hey cousin! i'll have a margarita in honor of your winter when i get to puerto vallarta!