Sunday, February 24, 2008

monster cookies: the new energy bar

I'm going to start my "eat like a triathlete" plan really right after this batch of monster cookies is gone. ;) But truth be told, I had four monster cookies and 2 cups of coffee before today's workout and didn't feel nearly as crappy as I thought I would. They've got peanut butter and oatmeal, how bad could they be?

So as for the workouts....well, for some reason I seem to be incapable of getting myself to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. But Thursday through Sunday I do pretty good.

Here's a recap....first the scheduled workout...and then (what I actually did):

Bike 60:00 (hauled gym bag to work, didn't make it to gym)

Swim 45:00, Run 30:00 (hauled gym bag to work, didn't make it to gym)

Bike 90:00 (ya right! isn't it a little early in the season for 90 min mid-week rides?)

Swim 30:00, Run 30:00 (had a darn good three mile run)

off (nailed this workout!)

Bike 90:00 with hills (biked 75:00 with hill simulation)

Run 50:00 with hills (55 min on treadmill, 4 miles, ab work, 20 min swimming)

Ok not terrible. Not great. Hopefully this week will be better. The half marathon plan I have for the Memorial Weekend race only has long runs at 4 miles to start and the plan doesn't start for two more weeks. So regardless of being slow, I'm still feeling pretty good about the running. (physically, I hobble off the treadmill like an 80 year old woman, but hey...I'm gettin' in the mileage!)

Looks like another snow storm rolling in Monday night, so I've gotta be sure to get in my cycle workout tomorrow at lunch. Tuesday's supposed to be an early morning swim way across town with the Team in Training Tri team....but they're predicting 5-8 inches of snow, so we'll see.

Aches and pains aside, I do feel like my endurance is improving. And that feels great. Thinking about how much farther ahead I am than last year in pretty much every aspect of training feels pretty great too. Ahh, little victories.....

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