Sunday, February 17, 2008

And as a shock to no one....bad weather foils another workout

I had been pretty darn diligent about doing the workouts as planned. Really, I had. Ok, so I was kind-of wimpy about the lifting on Friday....but I was feeling the ab work the next day so I should get a little credit. And I did cut the swim short, but I still did it. B- for the effort at least, and spending Friday night at the gym.

Saturday I rocked the whole workout, just like planned. 75 minutes of biking and....well, ok I knocked 5 minutes off the planned run. But I was hungry.

So then I'm all pumped for Sunday's run/swim workout. The weather was supposed to be sucky, but I figured that would just motivate me to get my lazy backside to the gym at an impressively early hour. But no. It started to rain and promptly freeze sometime around 2am. No gym for me. We were supposed to get another 6-10 inches of which case I was going to throw on the snowshoes and at least get in the run part of the workout. But no. Mother nature crapped out on that part of the deal and it turn from freezing rain to sleet to some sloppy wet snow mixture. Not enough accumulation to pull off snowshoeing down the sidewalk.

So I tried. But in the end I took today as my off day and will push the run/swim workout to tomorrow. Which is fine. I'll be fully recovered from three workouts in a row that way when I put in my first long run. I'm super paranoid about running injuries so I'll feel more comfortable upping the distance now.

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