Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Training Weather

Ya, if you're an Eskimo. Although, I'll bet building an igloo would be a decent workout....and also seems like it might be kinda fun (read that article I linked to). There will be no gym today....only shoveling. Even the dog wants nothing to do with the weather....fleece parka or not, he's not happy about it.

The weather this winter has been really adding to the challenge of getting to the gym. Another 10+ inches of snow today. Maybe I should be thinking about the Iditarod instead of the Ironman.


becky said...

Poor Packmonster!

70.3 or bust said...

SERIOUSLY!!! I'm planning to hit spinning tonight at 6:30pm in Fitchburg... you game? Might stay another half hour after if I have it in me! :)