Monday, September 14, 2009


This was a big weekend for reasons beyond Ironman.  You see, I had something of a breakthrough moment in my triathlon "career" this weekend.  For the first time in three years and 7+ triathlons I SWAM IN THE LAKE.  Why is this monumental?  IT WASN'T A RACE.

I actually elected to swim in the lake for reasons other than the lake being a necessary means to some sort of finish line. 

I know, its about time, right?!

I did somehow manage to swim without any wacky breathing whatsoever.  So now I have a positive lake experience to focus on when I'm standing at the start line trying not to puke up my oatmeal.  But swimming around just outside the swim area, where kids are playing and families are throwing footballs around in the late afternoon sun, is a somewhat different experience than standing at the start line with a bunch of competitors in the early morning haze.  So, while I'm not going to be so quick to think I'm cured of all my open water swim ailments, this was a great first therapy session.

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