Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh mornings, how I wish I loved you....

because right now I need to find motivation for an 85 minute run.  Its been a long day.  I really, really just want to go home, eat some dinner, check some things off the to-do list, and curl up with my laptop before drifting off to sleep.

But no.  I need to go running.  FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.  On a weeknight.  Which is really at least a two-hour project when you consider finding all the electronic gagets and making sure they're charged, finding something to wear, getting out the door for the actual running part, and then stretching and abs (ya, when those actually happen).

If I were a morning person, I could get up and get my running out of the way.  And then enjoy my evenings, as shortened as they may be due to the early wake-up calls.

Ugh.  How does one become a morning person anyway?  Is there a class?  Maybe a magic morning-person pill I could take?  Or maybe what I really need is a magic able-to-function-on-three-hours-of-sleep pill.  Yes, that might be even better than just being a morning person. 

Ok, if someone could just let me know where to find one of those little magic pills, that would be great.


Laura said...

I hear ya. I was just saying this the other day. I WISH I was a morning person!

Anonymous said...

I believe the pills you are looking for are called Riddalin... :)