Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not really the end

My last triathlon of the season is Sunday.  I've been a little sad about that fact.  Especially in the wake of all the Ironman excitement.  I mean, where did summer go?  Did I really only do three sprint tri's this year? Is this stupid marathon really the only thing left to train for? Running? All I'm going to be doing is running?!

But then Warren Miller reminded me....the end of tri season is the beginning of "off"season. And now training for a marathon seems like its just preparation for something much, much better:

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Dano said...

I think it was the hardest thing about training for an A race at the end of the summer: you spend all summer looking forward to fall.
We need the off-season, though, to help give the summer its sweetness and urgency.
We could always do a winter destination race....