Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Early Morning Ride (brr!)

Don't let all this beauty fool was a COLD ride this morning.  September is certainly differentiating herself from August.  My hands were numb and had lost all dexterity by the time I got home.  Its been a while since I wanted a a hot, hot shower when I got home from a workout instead of an icy cold one. 

Considering I'm a slow mover in the morning, its dark until 6:20am now, it was going to be cold, and the dog decided to puke as I was filling up my water bottle....I'm pretty proud of myself for getting out there and gettin' it done.  (though the real credit goes to my workout buddy -- thanks for the accountability!)  20 miles in before work.  Not bad.
You do get some amazing scenery in those early morning hours.  I can see how people get addicted to the early workouts.  There seems to be a small stretch of time from just before sunrise until not too long after where the world is still kind-of groggy and half alert.  The sun's not quite up to full brilliance yet, and everything just kind-of suspends in this quiet, sweet morning glow. 

But then you almost get run down by a gravel truck 5 minutes from home and your peaceful morning bliss comes to a screeching halt.  A nice little welcome back to the rat race adrenaline kick, I guess.  Just a little reminder to be thankful for all the mornings we get.  Whether we're up to enjoy them or not.

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Amy said...

How is it that I bagged our ride this morning and yet still almost went 20 miles? That's my kind of slacking! My toes were just starting to thaw and tingle about 10 min AFTER a long shower. I'm lucky they are still attached.