Thursday, September 3, 2009

$22 well spent

Made a necessary trip to the bike shop a few days ago.  My fuel cupbards were bare....completely out of energy bars and gels.  Rather than come home with the $5500 new toy I really wanted (sometimes I swear the bike shop is just torture), I came home with a bunch of Hammer fuels and these babies.  (TYR Velocity mettalized.)

Every time I swim I get out of the pool and think "I really need some new goggles."  But its not enough of a need to make a special trip, and well...I keep forgetting, until I swim again.  And what fun would swimming be without leaking, foggy goggles, really?

Don't they look tough?  I think they are guaranteed to make me faster and fearless in the open water, though I looked and couldn't find that in writing anywhere on the box.  What they did claim to be is UV protective and fog-free.  Which made me laugh, because a) all goggles say they are fog free and I have yet to find a pair that actually are, and b) like I need UV protection for all my pool swimming.  Any sunshine and open water I see is on race day and all races seem to happen at the sun-barely-over-the-horizon hour.

But I have to say....they were completely fog free for my entire workout.  Whole new experience being able to actually see what's around you in the pool.  And not always a pleasant one.  Sometimes its best not to know whats floating by you. 

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Dano said...

The tinted lenses will help you keep your intimidating edge over your competitors.
Unless they hear your pre-race claims like "I am going to finish last" ;)
The new specs are awesome.