Friday, September 11, 2009

Ironman Madison -- the best week of the year

I have been out soaking up Ironman vibe.  Its like that favorite holiday only comes once a year so I gorge while I can.  Welcome to Madison Ironpeople. I'm so glad you're here!

I absolutely love downtown Madison this week.  My usual Starbucks is packed with Ironbods instead of stuffy suits.  Everyone with that chill kind of intensity of someone who's put in all the work and is now sitting back and waiting 'til its time to enjoy the reward.  It is such a motivating energy.  I swear you can get Ironman contact-high just being here.  The endorphins are everywhere -- like runners high without the work.

I just love it.

I can't wait to play Ironfan for all my peeps on Sunday.  It gets me all teary just thinking about it.  You're all going to rock this thing!  Its your day kids.....enjoy it, own it, and smile pretty when you hear the crowd on Martin Luther King cheer for you, and that distinctive voice boom "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!"

1 comment:

Dano said...

Absolutely the best week of the year - what excitement!
See you out there!