Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Got Mail

The postal service has been especially kind to me lately.....

first this little bundle of goodies came; new ski pants (finally LONG LENGTH in stock, thank you, new marino wool long sleeve zip-up, because it was on sale for $22 (you can't pass up marino at a price like that), and then *bonus* Skiing Mag is back from summer break!  All around awesome mail day, for sure.  I should probably even bust out a few ski bum phrases and talk about how "stoked" I was, or....or, well I don't really know any more cool kid phrases so we'll just say that the mail put me in a pretty good mood that day.

But then, I get home today to find an oddly shaped envelope.  Strange, I haven't ordered anything lately, have I?  (Had to think about that for a solid minute or two.)  So I opened it, cautiously excited.  Guess what it was?

A birthday present from my brilliant little sis (and her hubby).  A little spending spree at Athleta.  LOVE!  Does she know me or what?

And then, just to top off my week I got to play with a new puppy.  And who doesn't love puppies?

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keybe said...

ahh, yes. brilliant. whose pup? he's a cutie.